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Phalanx Help Us! Help You! Program

This program is not yet active and is currently in the planning stage. We will unveil the entire program soon...

We take pride in our work here at Phalanx International, LLC, delivering our customers state of the art head protection, the majority of which is made right here in the United States. (Import options are available and classified as our E series i.e. STALKER-E, WARRIOR-E etc.) All of Phalanx's assembly takes place among the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. 2018 marked our 6th year of business and looking back we have progressed so far coming from only offering 1 helmet cut in only 2 sizes with only 1 protection level available. Phalanx now offers 7 helmet cuts in 2 to 5 sizes depending on cut with protection levels ranging from NIJ IIIA to Special Threat 7.62x51mm FMJ (147 gr. NATO M80 Ball round) V0 @ 2100 ft/sec (640 m/sec), 17 gr. FSP BL(P) V50 > 3000 ft/sec (914 m/sec) and everything in between. Some of our cuts include the ACH, ACH High Cut, ACH Mid Cut, MICH 2000, MICH 2001, MICH 2002, LWH, PASGT and CVC.

One of the biggest challenges we face in reaching potential customers is advertising. We spend tens of thousands of dollars a year marketing the Phalanx brand. While we get great results and return on investment we began to ask ourselves if there was a better way. Could we spend that money differently and achieve the same or better results? We think we can! Instead of us paying some billionaire's salary, how about we give back to the people of our communities, our nation, to the people that have supported us from the beginning.

Here's where we need your help! The Phalanx Help Us, Help You!™ Program was designed to advertise in a different way. Phalanx knows the best way to reach future customers is word of mouth, our customers' experiences, their feedback and most of all their trust in our product.

The program is currently open to any citizen of the United States except Connecticut (restricts body armor sells to face to face transactions.). Phalanx